STARS Background

Skills Training And Rehabilitation Society (STARS) was established by a group of intellectual Afghan thoughtful about their country in 1997 to offer services to their extent to the needy country people, particularly women and children. STARS is registered with the Ministry of Economy and close coordination and project agreement with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Public Health, Agriculture, Rural Rehabilitation Development, MOLSAMD and some government provincial departments. STARS is the member of ACBAR, Afghan Women Network (AWN) and Civil Society Empowerment Network (CEN) at the national level. STARS is the only female organization focusing Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and is the member of Asian Disaster Risk Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN) since 2006.

In addition, STARS is the co-chair of National Action Coordination Group (NACG) in Afghanistan since 2011. STARS attended many South Asia Initiative to End Violence against Children (SAIEVAC) meetings which is Apex body of SAARC. STARS has close coordination with Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and one of the active member of Child Protection Action Network (CPAN) in Afghanistan at the national level.

It is mentionable that STARS is the only women focused organization in Afghanistan, working in DRR section. In early June 2008, Coordination of Afghan Relief (CoAR), Organization for Sustainable Development and Research (OSDR), and skills Training And Rehabilitation Society (STARS) took the initiative of establishing a working network. The move came to make the relationship between these organizations more systematic and formal after cooperating with each other in different areas proved to be more productive. Furthermore, the initiative is directly in line with the Afghanistan NGOs Law, Article 9 of which states that non-governmental organizations can enter and into partnership and networks to improve, expand or implement their activities and projects, Also, the current trends and the need for reconstruction of Afghanistan lend sufficient

Justification for the establishment of such a network. During the 6 year or hard work, the name of network has been changed to Civil Society Empowerment Network (CEN) and network member increased which are consist of CoAR , OSDR, STARS, HF, AREA, APWO, CAHPO, AUTEO, SIHE, Gorbat Radio, ASHNA.

Overall Objectives:

Beside of the main goal of the project implementation, STARS has to improve the below points and issues within the communities;

  • To improve the capacity building of the remote and most vulnerable communities, to reach and get the coping mechanism strategies for better controlling the economic condition in the emergency situation.
  • To provide and exchange technical assistance and share lessons learned to the most vulnerable communities.
  • To help in basic management of project activities.
  • To ensure coordination among communities member for multilateral support.


To find STARS as a transparent, accountable and relief providing organization deeming to empower needy women and children and moving towards sustainability with its sufficient recourses


STARS as a non-governmental organization is an active part of civil society considers to empower and elevate the vulnerable people of the community specially women and children, through the following activities;

– Livelihoods (Agriculture & Livestock)

– Education

– Vocational and income generation

– Sustainable development

– Constructing shelter for women and children

– Child Protection

– Health Projects

– DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction)