Skills Training And Rehabilitation Society (STARS) was stablished by a group of intellectual Afghan thoughtful about their country in 1997 to offer services to their extent to the needy country people, particularly women and children. STARS is registered with the Ministry of Economy and close coordination and project agreement with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Public Health, Agriculture, Rural Rehabilitation Development, MOLSAMD and some government provincial departments. STARS is the member of ACBAR, Afghan Women Network (AWN) and Civil Society Empowerment Network (CEN) at the national level. STARS is the only female organization focusing Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and is the member of Asian Disaster Risk Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN) since 2006.

Thematic Areas


STARS provided a range of support for a better quality of learning environment for children and women through Community Based Education (CBE), Accelerated Learning Center (ALC), Adult Literacy and District Teacher Training (DT3) program in different provinces of Afghanistan since establishment. Accelerated-Learning Classes and Community-Based Education classes enabled access to education especially in rural areas where the distance from students‘ homes to the nearest school is a major barrier to accessing education for younger children, for girls of all ages and children in IDPs camps. STARS is also engaged in hygiene education component to improve children’s behaviour and knowledge.


Livelihoods (Agriculture, Livestock and Income Generation) :

STARS implemented more than 30 projects from various donors in different provinces of Afghanistan since 2001. Livelihood is one of the main thematic area for STARS and under this thematic STARS delivering livestock development/ Animal health projects, improved production, marketing protection of livelihoods and farmers empowerment through agriculture practices and access to market and income generation. STARS has a huge capacity in delivering animal husbandry training and animal feeding.  Through these components STARS could reduce the mortality and morbidity of animals through trained Para Vets and Basic Veterinary workers.


Child Protection:

STARS implemented various Child Rights , Child Protection and Child Friendly Space projects based on the Declaration on the Rights of Child.  To demonstrate our commitment as a child safe organization, with support from child rights based donors STARS has developed a Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct. STARS is focusing on the development and implementation of a school-based child protection system that can address physical punishment of children but also prevent child abuse and gender discrimination in the schools.  STARS conducting awareness raising training to the children and adults on children‘s rights, protection, non-discrimination, and positive discipline. STARS is the STARS is the co-chair of National Action Coordination Group (NACG) since 2011 in Afghanistan. STARS attended many South Asia Initiative to End Violence Against Children (SAIEVAC) meetings which is Apex body of SAARC.

Selection Malnutrition children in Dawlatyar district

Emergency Response (DRR): 

STARS is the only female organization focusing on Emergency and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and has the membership of Asian Disaster Risk Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN) since 2006. its mentionable that, STARS is the only women focused organization in Afghanistan, working in DRR Section. STARS is involved in Cordaid and NCA emergency action plan for 2014.