Future plans:

Considering the massive transformation and changes that is taking place in the local and international arena with the passage of time, CEN (Civil society Empowerment Network) needs to bring about improvements in its routine actions through utilizing its long years of experience with its member NGOs and to ensure its maturity and to set out its course of activities in conformity with the present and future requirements of the Afghan society, the governmental policies and those of donor agencies in order to attract their sustainable support to member NGOs programs. These may cover:

A:  Strengthening of partnership with existing CEN (Civil society Empowerment Network) partners and their programs through linkages and technical support on sustainable manner.

B:  Strengthening of CEN (Civil society Empowerment Network) vision, mission and mandates and articulating them in the main three pilot programs under the direct supervision of CEN (Civil society Empowerment Network).

These three main programs include the media program (Gorbat Radio/TV network), Sharq Institute of Higher Education (SIHE) and joint compound for CEN (Civil society Empowerment Network) member NGOs.

The above points largely relates to the direction that CEN (Civil society Empowerment Network) wishes to move, and in order to further strengthen its future sustainability CEN (Civil society Empowerment Network) has embarked on a series of very construction activities so far: