case study

Name: Mrs. Chaman
Father’s/Name: Safdar
Age: 35 years
Village: Achishk
District: Ashtarlai
Province: Daikundi

Mrs. Chaman resident of Achishk village of Ashterlai district, she is having 5 children, ten years ago she was married, as her husband is disable, they passed ten year with lots of difficulties, three years back her husband went to Iran, not to mention he can’t support his wife and children even he is addicted now, she lives in very hard condition even she starts morning with dropping tears till late of every night, her mother in law jeers for giving her a morsel of food even a day when STARS went to the village she was taken out from home by her mother in law, actually poverty is the root of the conflict in their home, so far when STARS team went to the mentioned village and the conflict was analysed the team concluded to identify her is one of the project components’’ beneficiary , she was really active and talented women, she joint animal husbandry class and at the end 2 ewes and 1 ram was given to her.
At the end when we asked her about her life condition she told us; STARS really survived me from lots of problems and identified my life direction so I will be always thankful of STARS and now I have very honourable life and the behaviour of my mother in law is change in total with me.
Finally I can say it was STARS that change my life direction and resolved the conflict within my family.

Lack of Awareness

There was a family who was living in Shaikh Haye Kasi village.

Khadija was the only responsible person for bringing food for her children through selling the milk in the local market. She participated in many animal health awareness trainings, she said” before she was milked the sheep’s in her living room, her children played with the sheep’s and they become sick very soon trainings she gain knowledge and become aware that how to keep away her child’s from animals stable and how to make a proper place for the sheep’s, to protect the animals to keep home environment clean.

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