The economic, social and political environment of Afghanistan has not been changed from the previous years to mentionable extent. Security conditions were not good and most of the rural areas were not approachable yet, and therefore residents of those areas were deprived of the basic needs of life.

The economy of the country is in poor condition and hence the individuals and households face difficulties in their economic abilities. As the security and economy of the country is not good therefore, many children especially girls are deprived of formal education and vocational training.

STARS helped such deprived and marginalized people especially women by implementing projects in different sectors of the country. Education, vocational training to women, kitchen gardening, personal hygiene was the targeted sectors for STARS in 2017. STARS implemented emergency relief and development project for returnees, refuges and host communities. The detail information regarding each sector is included in this document at latter stage.

Achievements of 2017

In following the mission and vision of STARS and providing support to deprived and poor people, STARS achieved the following results,

  • 1,200 women received vocational trainings, proposal writing and basic accounting training
  • 140 women trained on sanitary napkins production
  • 14 women groups (each groups with 10 female members) established
  • 14 women groups linked with local markets
  • About 3,544 poor people have been provided with food and NFI Wardak and Laghman provinces respectively

Donors in 2017

Following donors provide funds to STARS in 2017,