Project Description


The WASPH (Women awareness and capacity building to increase their knowledge about, sanitation and personal hygiene) project is financially supported by Christian Aid for duration of   (2017 to 2019). The project is implemented by STARS in Cheghcheran city Ghor Province of Afghanistan. The overall objective is Women’s awareness and capacity building to increase their knowledge’s about their better ness of life /health, and issues of sanitation and personal hygiene. Women and girls are more likely to live in poverty, staggering and risky health situation than their male counterparts simply because of their gender  The denial of their basic rights, their reduced influence in decision making, their economic marginalization and exploitation, levels of violence and repression perpetrated against them trap them in a cycle that is difficult to escape. But this is not inevitable. Women and girls around the world have shown extraordinary strength and resilience, standing up against chronic inequality and leading themselves and their communities into more prosperous futures.

  • STARS would like to implement women empowerment project through capacity building and women sanitation, sanitary napkin for personal hygiene in Ghor province.
  • Capacity building of women for making hygiene, sanitary napkin products, and link them with on income generation schemes for women, health education, environmental protection and introduce them for traditional and religious leaders, as well as governmental authorities, as active and remarkable phenomena in the society.
  • Establishment of female co-operatives and link with government authorities and elders to support and advocate them to marketing and selling of hygiene sanitary napkins among women and markets.
  • Increased 140 women and 20 men’s awareness on sanitation and personal hygiene them in Ghor province of Afghanistan through training sessions.
  • Increased the capacity of CDCs, traditional and religious leaders to better function in the community and promote women’s leadership at district and Male CDC members are being sensitized to involve women in decision making process at the CDC levels.

140 women and 20 men were capacitated through technical support/assistance, REFLECT, hygiene/sanitary napkin awareness and will establish cooperative and network to innovated for the remote community of Ghor province. To make them able to Improve their economic situation in the future through having training of making and producing the sanitary napkin personal hygiene packages.

They are able to process the sanitary napkin in their houses and sell them in a reasonable price in the market and nearest villages to economically support their families.

STARS has identified 140 vulnerable women who can participate and take the risk of working on such a sensitive issue, through the joint assessment team.

  1. Developed the manuals of {Hygiene/ sanitary napkin (regarding women menses), REFLECT/basic education} for women trainings.
  2. Conducted training for them through hygiene, REFLICT (basic education & skills Trainings) and Support women with hygiene/sanitary napkin kits.
  3. Conducted training for the community leaders through mullah to explain them the right of women to help change behavior, regarding the empowerment of women and reduce the violence on them.
  4. Given them capacity building how to use the clean cloths and sanitary napkin during menses.
  5. Distributed them Hygiene kits with Machinery to process the sanitary napkin package in their houses and sell them with reasonable price to the community women.
  6. Provide them co-operation /networking hygiene/sanitary napkin and REFLECT trainings for the target beneficiaries in the training center.
  1. Security was another major issue that was making it difficult to implement some of the project activities but with strong coordination mechanism and getting support of local people in the area, the team managed to overcome the security concern and implement the project in a smooth manner.
  2. Women have learned how to make sanitary napkin. They are only able to sell their ‎product in near Cheghcheran market in reasonable price, due to security problem they are not able to expand their products to other surrounded provinces.
  3. Due to security problem we did not expand WASPH program to other districts of Ghor province.

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