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Mrs. Chaman


Name: Mrs. Chaman Father’s/Name: Safdar Age: 35 years Village: Achishk District: Ashtarlai Province: Daikundi Mrs. Chaman resident of Achishk village of Ashterlai district, she is having 5 children, ten years ago she was married, as her husband is disable, they passed ten year with lots of difficulties, three

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Lack of Awareness


There was a family who was living in Shaikh Haye Kasi village. Khadija was the only responsible person for bringing food for her children through selling the milk in the local market. She participated in many animal health awareness training's, she said” before she was milked the sheep’s

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Pul-e-sorkh square first street opposite of Mohebzada market House # 1676, District 3, Kabul Afghanistan

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