District Teacher Training Team (DT3) is a national program covering almost 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

DT3 is District Teacher Training Team, basically it is the name of a project which is funded by World Bank through ministry of Education and implemented in almost 28 provinces of Afghanistan by national and international NGOs. Main objectives of DT3 program are: Implement in-service training of teachers and school principals, Create and expand a training and professional support system for teachers and school principals, Provide follow-on activities which will reinforce what teachers have learned through the training and which will enable teachers to establish functioning teacher networks, Deliver in-school activities which link directly with training, including: instructional modelling, individual teacher coaching and observation, peer observation and support activities, teacher-trainees feedback on utility of training, and classroom visits and feedback sessions and Support school principals in establishing professional development networks. Through this projects funded by World Bank over 1,331,940 USD was the total contract cost for the DT3 project in the reported year.

STARS conducted INSET IV/ INSET V training (12 full days) each for 4700 teachers (4150 male and 550 female) teachers and SMTV / SMTVI training (8 full days) each for 730 principals and headmasters (679 male and 51 female), 840 teacher learning circles and 155 Principals learning circles were established. Furthermore; 724 schools were supported on teaching of different subjects’ for 15047 hours.