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    2 Dec 2006 The <boost/format.hpp> format class provides printf-like formatting, in a .. and of the equivalent stream manual operations to give a measure of the to store the pieces of string, stream initialisation at each item formatting, .
    Alternatively, you can use Boost. Is it possible to stream some sort of format flags to the stringstream ? You don’t even need to construct std::stringstream .
    16 Nov 2011 The two stringstream classes used in this tutorial are istringstream, which . access to something very similar in the form of the boost::lexical_cast() function. Here’s a template function that converts a string to any type that
    2 Jul 2017 In this article we will cover boost date and time format examples, horizontal alignment stringstream ss; . C++ Boost Asio Introduction Tutorial
    But I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just use a string stream? .. #include <boost/format.hpp> cout << boost::format(“writing %1%, x=%2% : %3%-th try”) % “toto”
    Sometimes it is very convenient to use stringstream to convert between strings and other I saw it used mainly for the formatted output/input goodness.
    Boost.Format provides a type-safe alternative for std::printf() . Like Boost.LexicalCast, this library uses stringstreams internally. Boost.Format is extensible and
    Format flags provide flexibility in the order of the date elements as well as the type. “Turning on” exceptions date d(not_a_date_time); std::stringstream ss; ss.exceptions(std::ios_base::failbit); .. see the tutorial for a complete example.
    11 Feb 2006 This is done primarily to increase application performance. Programs that use in-memory formatting must include the <sstream> andstd::cout << boost::format(“writing %1%, x=%2% : %3%-th try”) % “toto” % 40.23 % 50;. Also note that there .. I suggest using ostringstream instead of ostream see following example : #include From “Programming/C++ tutorial” by P. Lutus.


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