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    found in ZEMAX by clicking on Help Manual. wavelengths, as does Analysis Miscellaneous Chromatic Focal Shift and Analysis Miscellaneous Lateral Color.
    1 Dec 2015 The cursor keys or the mouse may move the highlighted bar to .. Manual Adjustment > Quick Focus or by pressing “Shift+Ctrl+Q” on the
    3 Apr 2013 LCA manifests as a change in the focal point as a function of the . In ZEMAX, the chromatic focal shift plot shows the distance between the focal point of .. Zemax Optical Design Program User’s Guide (Zemax Development
    8 Jul 2011 Information in this manual is subject to change without notice and does not represent a Radiant ZEMAX LLC (RZ) provides this publication “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express .. Effective focal length.
    25 Feb 2013 Chapter 7 in the Zemax manual covers the various ways an optical system can be Chromatic Focal Shift: This is the change in focal length vs
    7 Apr 2015 and use Zemax to optimize your doublet at fields of 0°, 3.5°, and 5°. sure to show a chromatic focal shift plot to verify proper achromatic10 Mar 2015 Understand the basics of the Zemax merit function and the power of each lens (reciprocal of focal length) and is Allow Zemax to change lens OpticStudio manual, p. 259) Chromatic aberrations using only two extreme
    Download scientific diagram | Chromatic focal shift of the lens system. from All optics were designed using Zemax software to maximize surface profiling . Calibration of a chromatic confocal microscope for measuring a coloured specimen.
    This course will provide you with three basic skills: manual, design code, and Fig. 1.1 Summary of manual skills to be acquired. .. Chromatic Focal Shift.
    Download OSLO Optics Reference manual from documentation section Optical Design Software: Zemax v. Chromatic Focal Shift, Spherical Aberration


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