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    7 Sep 2018 Note: You do still need HP to have better survivability. a simple guide on what is the minimum damage for each of the bosses according to the sequence in Maplestory under Boss Queue. Normal Arkarium Easy Cygnus
    Chaos Zakum More scary than difficult, hp-wise. Arkarium This fight is a lot harder now that you only get 5 lives. Easy Cygnus 400-600k to duo, or to solo if you’re good/lucky at not getting hit by tornado+genesis combo.
    Arkarium is the final boss of the Silent Crusade/Cross Hunter storyline. He can be found in the Temple of [Go to top]< Empress Cygnus | Arkarium | Hilla >.
    7 Feb 2012
    MapleStory All Bosses Guide by icephoenix21 If there’s any discrepancies Easy/Normal Arkarium: Once again, I’ve not gone to the easy mode, so I have no idea Cygnus Empress: You can enter cygnus empress at 180+ with a dream key.25 Jun 2018 A guide for those who aren’t exactly new at the game, but have hit a wall and But Maplestory can be sort of overwhelming and you may be wondering where to go next. . Arkarium (For confusion fragments and primal essence. If your class uses a shield, Normal Cygnus drops the recipie for the Demios
    Arkarium all too often repeatedly spams his one hit kill attack over and Aside from the Cygnus boss, I completely agree with the bosses In some bosses “Magic Guard” does not take damage as 20% to HP and 80% to MP.
    17 Sep 2012 MapleStory Screens, Videos and Forum. All Boss Prequests Guide .. will you go with them, and push the empress the wrong way?
    Empress Cygnus is a powerful boss in Future Ereve. Level: 140; Cygnus HP: 10,500,000,000 (10.5 billion); Resistant to all elements, including Physical; 100% DEF; Shinsoo HP: [Go to top]< Von Leon | Empress Cygnus | Arkarium >.
    [Silent Crusade] Arkarium, the Guardian of Time Bastille Category Silent Crusade Pre-requisites To have [Silent Crusade] Progress Report completed At least


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