Name:         Gul Hawa

Village:     Said-Abad

Province: Ghor

Case Study: Gul Hawas, 32

Gul Hawas a 32 years old widow, who is responsible to feed a family of 10 is habitat of Said-Abad village Ghor province. She was married at the age of 14 and have 9 children (3 sons and 6 daughters). Her husband died due to excessive intake of drugs and she was left alone with the children.

From the very start of her married life she took the responsibility of family income and earn a small amount of money by stitching clothes and selling vegetables that she cultivates at her home garden.

Being a mother of 6 girls and no information about their personal hygiene confront her with serious health issues of her daughter which she had no clue about. Her 3 daughters were having menstrual periods and during those days they suffer from severe abdominal pain, back pain, rashes, inflammation and legs pain. All she did was to give them pain killers but had no clue about what was the reason behind that pain.

In April 2017, Gul Hawas heard about the training provided by STARS Organization and she attended the trainings regarding personal hygiene of women and got to know about personal hygiene its importance and needs. She says when I attended the trainings and sessions and get to know about the personal hygiene especially during menstrual periods I understand the core reason of the pain that my daughters go through. She says that before they use any kind of cloth available but now with help of STARS she knew how to make sanitary pads and how to use them. She says that before they just washed the cloth and while reusing it they suffer from pain, rashes and inflammation.

Gul Hawas says that now I and my daughters use the sanitary pads and no dirty clothes and this had changed our lives. We don’t suffer from the pain, infections, inflammation and rashes any more. I am thankful to STARS and the colleagues who worked with us. I appreciate their efforts that changed our lives not only with hygienic point of view but also increases our source of income. I will always remember STARS and our trainers in my prayers.