Maryam is 22 years old from Jam village of Cheghcheran, a beneficiary of the hygiene course who has graduated from school. She is living in a village which is for from the city, she is home girl and works at home.

Maryam says before this seasonal training I was unable to take care of my health and cleanliness during the women menses or pregnancy situation properly and I did not know how to protect myself from the sickness and care when I came periodic prudency or monthly sickness. I heard from my father about this hygiene and sanitation trainings and its benefits, then I decided to join the training and gain information about my personal health. Now I am one of the women who is able to care about sanitation and personal situation hygiene and aware personal menses regarding monthly sickness and way of safe and healthy protection. I will try to inform and campaign about this issue and gave information for my family, friends, and our area’s people because this now my responsibility. It is a single initiative that focus on women health situation and care about the women menses, I really appreciate this program.