Name:        Nazir Gul

F/N:             Hakim Jan

Village:      Nahri-e-Karim

District:     Qarghiee

Province:  Laghman

The interesting story we can described, sometime ago in the camp a woman was sick on childbirth during the mid-night and her husband was call for the neighbors women to come for help his wife. The women came, saw and check the childbirth woman and said I cannot help with this wife, so please bring the woman to a doctor or call to the health clinic doctor, only doctor can help her, otherwise the woman will die, therefore the husband called the doctor and he was not able to come to treat the woman, there was not any vehicle availability and the health center was located far from the camp, finally the woman died. So Mr. Nazir Gul said; I am face with a lot of problems with supporting of my small children and our and all the returnees economic situation is destroying day by day because we did not receive any kind of assistance and there is no any facilities or work opportunities.

Also he said; I have no worker but my children are small, thus the returnees are mostly rely only on laboring wage, inside and outside of Afghanistan, we can see more than 80% people are doing only working but there is no work opportunity, so at the beginning when we came from Pakistan there were no any facility or opportunities to support our families, we did not access to health clinic, no potable drinking water, lack of working opportunities, no employee, no land for cultivation,  no livestock and no education facilities for children, we are faced with different type of diseases in the whole season of the year, the rate of mortality and morbidity is currently very high.