Name : Momina

Father Name : Shah Mir Hassan

Village : Jawz-e-Bargar

Province : Daikundi

My name is Mohmina and I live in Jawz-e-Bargar village of Miramoor district. I belong to a very poor and vulnerable family. My husband is old and disabled and I have two sons and one daughter. Besides working at home I help my young sons during working on the land, because they are very young and they go to school as well.

When STARS organization entered our village and held meetings with the village shora members and village elders in respect with the selection of the project right holders, the village elders and shora members identified me as a poor and vulnerable family and listed me down in the project.

The Veterinary Trainers of STARS organization provided us a one-month training course, during which we learnt many important things in respect with better animal rearing and caring of them.

A month before joining of the course my sheep died of Tympani disease and the insects of the animal were spread out in my house.

At the end they distributed us four sheep (1 Ram + 3 ewes) to each selected family. I took care of my animals during the winter season very carefully and fed them with the provided animal ration by STARS organization. Now my animals are all ok and healthy two of my animals have borne lambs and the third one is pregnant. Based on the contract we only have return back two lambs to STARS organization at the first year.
That time I did not know how to treat my animal and prevent to die or how clean the stable and the house from the insects. After completing the course in knew how take care of the animals and threw the insects out of the house by spraying a kind of liquid medicine.

I and my family use the produced milk and other dairies produced out of the milk at home and will weave Namads from its wool and sell at the markets on cost basis that will support us in purchasing of our domestic needs and requirements during the winter season.

Finally, she said that, we are very happy from the respected STARS and NCA Organizations for designing and implementation of such impacted projects and help the poor and vulnerable families in Daikundi province.