I participated in a training course about hygiene, conducted by STARS. Prior to attending this training, I didn’t have enough information about hygiene and how to maintain it. While the discussion started about the period issues, it was really embarrassing for me. But the training significantly changes my life, it familiarized me with the importance of hygiene in maintaining a healthy life and If we do not take it seriously, it can lead us to dangerous illnesses. Additionally, by attending this training I understood the importance of knowledge (literacy), the training help to overcome my fear and the strange perception of studying at an older age. At the beginning of the course, I was ashamed of reading and writing due to my age and the sloppy handwriting which I had, but as our instructor recited a Hadi’s Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) saying; which stated that every man and woman is obliged to pursue knowledge and it’s a religious obligation of every Muslim.  Since then, I fearlessly read books and pick my pen to write as I perform other religious obligations like praying.


Hewadwal Camp, Kabul, Afghanistan