The proposed (Emergency Food Security Project through Cash for Food Activities in two districts of Wardak Province) started on 10.02.2022 and will provide urgently emergency food assistance to ensure 2072 people’s survival and prevent mortality in the Jaghato, and Day Mirdad districts of Wardak province. STARS will distribute the cash for food in two rounds. In each round, 80USD will be given to every household, and STARS will use the HAWALA system. The enactment of the project started consultation meetings with key central and provincial stakeholders. Upon the approval, the project teams held a series of meetings with stakeholders notably the food security cluster, regional governor, and district authorities respectively, followed by further consultations and mobilizations of the community and committees. According to the market assessment result, the majority of the survey respondents said food items available in the local market and the price of the food items were relatively suitable. And the community has easy access to the local market. They can buy 80$ a bag of 50 kg flour that cost 2500 AFN in the market, a bag of 24 kg rice 2000 AFN, a bottle of 5-liter oil 900 AFN, 7 kg beans 700 AFN, 1kg tea 300 AFN, 7 kg sugar 400 AFN and 1 kg salt 50 AFN which meets one and half month’s basic food items needs of the beneficiaries. Over 50% of the activities have been accomplished, including Coordination, Mobilization, Assessment, and the first round of cash distribution in both districts.