Name : Hafeeza

Age : 25

Village : Feroz Koh

Province : Ghor

Hafeeza a 25 years old girl was living with family in Feroz Koh village of Ghor province. Hafeeza is unmarried and had a poor state of health. She was suffering from renal infection and severe abdominal pain since 7 years. She took lots of treatments and medications but couldn’t recover. Hafeeza used to stich clothes, shawls and embroidery cloths and earn some amount of money which she used for her treatment. Hafeeza was losing hope and become weaker day by day.

Hafeeza lives with her brother, sister in law and mother in a small house and she did not get married due to her poor health. All she wanted is to become healthy and get rid of this problem. Though Hafeeza was young but she was unaware of the personal hygiene, its importance and need in her life. She says that I use whatever cloth come in hand during menses and also due to shame could not wash it properly or put it under sun.

Hafeeza get the chance and enrolled as the beneficiary in STARS trainings of personal hygiene. Hafeeza said that these trainings changed her life. She comes to know about the proper hygienic take care that she must do and start practicing it in her life. Hafeeza says that gradually while taking the trainings she started practicing the steps of hygiene as well. She learnt to make sanitary pads and also started using them. Gradually her severe pain during periods becomes less and tolerable. Inflammation while urination, rashes and abdominal pain minimized with time. She says that I will share this information and knowledge with others as well, because minor changes in my life brings a great change in my health condition. I was unaware of importance of personal hygiene but now I am a strict take carer of my personal hygiene and this is all because of the trainings provided by the STARS organization. I am very thankful to STARS for introducing such a beneficial program that had changed my life. I feel energetic and I am recovering now. I am also making sanitary pads and my brother had a cart in which he sells these pads. Our source of income has also increased now me and my sister in law, we both use and make these pads and are enjoying a healthy life. All thanks to STARS.