Name : Ruqia

Father Name :  Ghulam Muhammad

Village : Warseel

Province : Daikundi

My name is Ruqia and I live in Warseel village of Miramoor district. My mother died when I was a little girl and my father died three years ago. I have one brother and four sisters who are younger than me and I am the head of the family now and I have to take care of them.

We have a small piece of land which is in mortgage. We have a very poor and miserable life, the families round us help us sometimes.

When STARS organization’s responsible came to our village and said that, they want to help poor a vulnerable people, I could not believe that we will be benefited because it mostly happens that most of the services are provided to those families who have influence round the village.

Fortunately, I got this that STARS organization really wants to help poor families and listed down all those families whom were really poor and vulnerable.

Before receiving sheep, we were provided training in animal husbandry for a period of one month, during which we learnt about, animals feeding process, importance of balanced food, importance of vaccination, importance of clean and good stable for animals, personal and environmental hygiene and many other issues.

After completing the training course we were distributing 4 sheep each family and one veterinary kit, that can help us and the entire villagers.

It’s the process that when the ewes produce lambs we will return back two of them to STARS and after the entire lambs will belong to us. I am really happy with this and I am sure that I will take care of my sheep and lambs, because it’s the only hope I have now to generate income for myself and my family. The sheep we have received are all white, and the white wool costs more in the market and I know that besides being benefited from the milk and lambs of these sheep, we will make good money through selling the wool cut from the sheep, and besides that I can weave Namads through the wool that costs 3000 – 3500 Afs at the local market.

Hope you come and visit us in the next year while we would have 8 – 9 sheep, and having 8 – 9 sheep is a good capital and asset for us. Finally, I would like to heartily thank the respected organizations of STARS and NCA for designing and implementing of such benefited projects for poor and vulnerable communities in Daikundi Province and I hope you continue this process and cover more number of families in the future.