The Child Protection Action Network (CPAN) is an inclusive network of governmental and non-governmental organizations involved in providing child protection services, members of the Children’s Protection Network work together to protect and promote the rights of children in Afghanistan, The provision of emergency and urgent cases to persons under the age of 18 and regular educational opportunities for the community and departments to improve national understanding of child protection issues.

CPAN network is a group of institutions (governmental, non-governmental, and civil society) working together to protect children.

Accordingly, the CPAN network consists of representatives of all governmental and non-governmental agencies and local authorities who, in accordance with a robust ethical and administrative commitment, are coordinated with all possible facilities for the members and departments concerned for children at risk (girls and boys under 18 years of age) They work together for the full protection of the child. CPAN is a member of all the departments and has been tasked with managing the work of the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Ministry of Education and Science.