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    Terraria 1.3 cell phone guide >> [ Download ]

    Terraria 1.3 cell phone guide >> [ Read Online ]


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    6 days ago The Cell Phone, like other notable compound items (such as the Ankh Shield and Terra Blade), is an extremely powerful and helpful item to
    24 Aug 2015 Making a cell phone is pretty hard, so i’ve decided to make a guide A day or two after 1.3 came out, someone posted an image showing all
    But I found I really enjoyed it when I started my new character for 1.3. I got lucky and finished cell phone in about 35 quests from the angler. and decided to give me the fisherman’s pocket guide after 142 quests. also none
    The Cell Phone is an accessory introduced in 1.3. It displays most statistics and allows the player to return to their set spawn point, similar to a Magic Mirror or Ice
    7 Mar 2016
    8 Jul 2015 I must be REALLY unlucky, because ever since 1.3 came out, 50% get the angler stuff, as I only miss the fish finder for my cell phone : / I had to trade a damn Metal Detector from Nymphs for the Fisherman’s Pocket Guide.The Cell Phone has the most complex crafting tree in Terraria using 13 base items (and 7 crafting operations), narrowly beating the Ankh Shield Fisherman’s Pocket Guide Desktop Version Console Version . Desktop Introduced.
    4 Jul 2015
    12 Jun 2017 Crafting guide for the GPS, PDA and Cell Phone in Terraria! Includes how to Guide! (How to get Fish Finder, Goblin Tech & REK 3000, 1.3)


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