Improved production, marketing protection of livelihood project was funded by Christian Aid (CAID).During the project live time 854 people (314 Men & 520 Women) from the targeted villages (Shaikh haye Kasi and Pozallage) in Chaghcharan district of Ghor province were directly benefited through; running of women benefited from vocational training (Tailoring and Valise or KHORJEEN weaving).

Conducting trainings on animal husbandry for 100 women to build animal owners’ capacity on livestock rearing, Provision of animal husbandry awareness to enhance knowledge on hygienic issues and reduce communicating chance of Zoonosis diseases, distribution of 200 sheep (Arabic breed) two per beneficiary and 2000Kg animal ration 100 Kg per beneficiary to economically support the most vulnerable beneficiaries and improve sheep’s local breed, Training of Basic Veterinary Workers (BVWs) and vaccination of animals to decrease the rate of mortality and morbidity in the targeted villages so far in order to empower women to learn the cultivation skills of vitamin Contained vegetables even in a small land resource and search better ways for their living; women were trained in kitchen gardening, tool kits and inputs were distributed. In 2015; the targeted villages were Shikh haye Kasi and Pozallage of the same district during the project life time; 5000 animals were vaccinated for 550 families, 100 women were trained under reflect classes/ animal husbandry training, 200 milky sheep were distributed, 30 women were trained on kitchen gardening, 30 kitchen gardens were established, 4 Basic Veterinary Workers (BVWs) trained, 10 gardens were established, 30 women were trained on tailoring and 30 women were trained on carpet weaving.