Improved agricultural production output and better access to local and regional markets for farmers imam Sahib, Khan Abad, Ali Abad and center the targeted districts of Kunduz Province, Farmer Empowered through implemented of the Agriculture Practices and Access to Market, improved and enhanced the capacity of rural communities by increasing their knowledge and improvement their skills for having higher agriculture products. The project is financially supported by Cord Aid for the duration of 10 months objective set for the reporting period is that the women had direct income, domestic economics are strengthened, households’ food includes micronutrients and families in particular women and children are healthy through increased agriculture productivity in term of yield & income based on the inputs (improved seeds, fertilizer) and new agriculture and hygiene knowledge provision by project side. 250 women have trained on kitchen gardening skill. 250 women have been received agriculture inputs (fertilizer and improve vegetable seed). 250 kitchengardens have been establish in the targeted locations. 240 farmers have been receive Post-Harvest training during 6 days in the mentioned location. Collecting of 10000$ USD=560000 AFs loan from 2014 supported coops has been collected and submitted to Cord Aid. Three coops offices and three cool storages constructions have been completed. Supporting of 2 existed cools storage and coops offices have been conducted.