Name:           Khobi

F/N:               Haji Bashi

Village:        Nahri-e-Karim

District:      Qarghiee

Province:   Laghman

Ms. Khobi was a female headed (widow) only responsible person for bringing food for her children through begging from the local market and streets in the nearest villages, she said” when I lost my husband, I am not able to feed and support my children but my husband was the only responsible for our family supporting through laboring in Pakistan and he was the responsible for our children before, so our economic situation is very low and my children were always sick and I could not to show to the medical doctor because of lack of money, and I also cannot to keep away my child’s from animals or gray land also we did not have access to enough food and proper place for living, how to keep my tent environment clean. Some time I am crying and my children are asking why you are crying, I did not have answer and cannot respond them. There is no way to get any things just I am waiting to die. There are more families available like me.