This project was implemented in Wardak province the total direct beneficiaries were 9500 vulnerable farmers including 4500 small farmers and land owner beneficiaries including the most vulnerable smallholder farming families by assisting with animal feed package (1000 HHs Chak – 1000 HHs – Hesa Awal Behsod, 1000 HHs – Jaghatu and 1500-HHs in Sayed Abad) and 5000 farmers who lost part of their production due to drought, flood, conflict and plant diseases and COVID-19 by assisting with wheat seed package (1000-HHs Hesa Awal Beshsood, 1000-HHs Maydanshahr, 1000-HHs Chak, 1000-HHs Daymirdad, and 1000-HHs in Jaghatu districts) of Wardak province and STARS distributed 50 Kg of wheat and 50 kg of Urea as a package per HHs, Additionally, the project organized capacity-building training for all those farmers who received the agriculture and livestock inputs. Implementation of the mentioned project will be increasing the agriculture production in Wardak province, secure the food situation, and reduce farmer’s problems concerning the unavailability of wheat seed at the village level.