Mrs. Anar Gula says as,

I am Anar Gula, daughter of Dilbar khan residence of Treenkot capital of Urozgan province, district Surkhab. When I was married to Mohammad Kabir, the district was ruled by government opposition (Taliban), and my husband was also one of village leader in the district. As life passing, we are witnessed lots of war in the district.

So finally we make decision to abandon the village to settle in the capital, after coming to capital we suffered life in much poverty. One of my son was addicted to drugs, another was badly injured in the war and three other were killed by government opposition (TALIBAN) because my sons joined the police army. So my husband constrained to find some food for family, he become so weak, and he was very old, sometime he able to find food for eating but sometime he become empty hands to home, and there was no one to help with us in the city, sometimes we remain without eating or drinking something.

In our neighborhood there were lots of woman that they were participated in short term trainings in some organization and or they were employees of the organization. When I told my husband to give me permission for learning something to get job, he rejected my request because he says the people will twit me on that your wife is studying or doing job in some organization so you can’t work or study.

When the activities of WISC project started and our neighborhood women has participated and started studying in AWRC/STARS skill trainings, so once again I moaned and requested a lot to my husband to give me permission for studying, and I told him when I complete my study, I will help with you in supporting our economic situation and also help with our children’s in their basic life rule. Once again he rejected me.

Our neighbor woman Bakht bibi has comes to my home and told me about the activities of AWRC/STARS they are giving us Islamic information, and telling us how to do pray and how to keep clean environment. They teach us how to behave with elders, children’s and telling us how to respect parents and they give information about man and woman’s rights, and the main important point is that the teach us how to build small business from less investment earn higher money, Bakht bibi husband says I will let all my family woman’s to study and help me an economic situation in future.

I repeat all word of my neighbors to my husband, she says that they at teach a very good lessons and also pay 70 AFG, my husband remain silent and not reply with “YES” or “NO”, he left home and went near to Bakht bibi husband, he says to her husband that all those words your wife told my wife is true or not, Bakht bibi husband confirmed all his wife word and make him satisfied.

When Anar Gula return to home and says to her wife now I want to give you permission and really all those words are right that Bakht bibi told you about it, I replied yes. And you have to revise lecture with me when you are back from course.

Anar Gula says after getting permission I went to the organization and register myself. I attend regularly my lessons and everything I learnt during course I teach to my husband, after some time he become so happy with my progress.

At the end of course together with my friends, I wrote a proposal for project, and all of my family were so happy by my progress.

While when I received animal from STARS through SCF and bringing it to home my family member become so happy by seeing the livestock.

My husband says, now I feel the taste of real life. We can’t get anything from war. I and my husband are now so interested in the training of animal that was given to us, we are so happy and he says that small business will pull us out from poverty and bad situation of life.

He added more to his word, I will give permission to my daughter-in-laws to study and to help their families in economical situation, and admit all my teenage boys and girls in school to hive bright future.

Anar Gula husbands say my message to all residence of my country is to prefer peace instead of war, and make ways from illiteracy to literacy. Woman’s can also fosterage all his family in better ways and also can helped them in economical situation.

Our story is about a female beneficiary which living in Urozgan province and receives livestock’s. We hear of her own, what positive impact comes out on her livelihood level.

As Mrs. Noor Bibi says,

I am Noor Bibi daughter of Abul Khaliq residence of Tareenkot capital of Urozgan province, I want to say about my life situation.

I was married to Juma Khan, my father-in-law and all family members were illiterate and Juma Khan was also jobless. The economic situation of our family was so poor, In my family belonging members are six children birthed four of them were boys and two of them were girls, we lived in bad situation of life our children was underage and my husband was illiterate and jobless. Sometime he works as labor on roads, often he leased some land, but he won’t get any money with all those efforts. After we asked help from kinfolk, and we also get disappointed from them.

By passing time our children become younger, I asked my husband to give me and  my children permission to study and learn some things to improve and promote our economic situation, but he rejected my request about our children to study, he says I can’t spend money on you and yours children education. He added to his words that my father and grandfather were also illiterate and they didn’t see anything of benefit education, so I prefer my father and grandfather ways. He says if they were farmers and their wife’s stay in home so I will follow the same way. My cousins will twit on me that you left your woman’s to study, people of community will say no he is studying on their woman’s to get money so you can’t study its very shameful for me, I moan a lot for him and requested again but he didn’t listen to me and rejected.

Then my youngest son get married, our economical situation was very poor, and there were lots of old customs to follow which required lots of money, my daughter-in-law get pregnant and we are far away from city, when she gets sick during pregnancy, I told to my husband to took patient to the hospital and replies to that I can’t took her to male doctor, then I searched a lot to find female doctor (GUL SHIREN) and get some medicine from her. I told to my husband, please see she is a doctor and she is also woman like me, her study bring lots of facilities to our city, my husband remain silent without saying anything. One day my daughter-in-law become so sick in late night, we spend much money to take our patient to doctor, and after a few hours I become grandmother of new comer to our family.

After one week thinking my husband said, that my children and wife giving me a correct ideas, and according to Islam they have rights on me, then he went to an organization and start working as hireling and admit all his little children in a school. He also gives me permission, I went AWRC/STARS office to register myself, when I got the registration, then I regularly attend classes and lessons and after coming to home I share lessons with my husband and children, we were so happy. By passing time I graduated, and a project proposal made by our group was selected and the organization give us young cattle, now my husband help me a lot in the training of cow. IN SHA ALLAH with this small business our family misery will be finish.  My husband sharing his story with all his friends that how he come back from bad situation of life to happiness, I am giving advice to all of you that encourage all member of family for education.