After coming to the training course for women focused on the main female health issue and life-saving tips for women. It was a fruitful training, basically, the course twisted my perception about life. One of the most important lessons that I learn from the training was family planning and distance between pregnancies. My entire post-marriage life was miserable due to back to back pregnancies since our training teacher Ms. Hasina told us about family planning and the importance of at least three-year distance between pregnancy; the risks of continues pregnancies for mother and child, As I take it very seriously and explained all to my family and neighboring the family planning package. After understanding the significance of distance between pregnancies my Husband agreed to use family planning products. Also, we learned significant hygiene lessons before going to training. I didn’t use to wash my hands after using the bathroom, but I and my entire family wash our hands after using the bathroom.


Shahrak-e-Police Camp, Kabul, Afghanistan