I have five sisters and three brothers. I attended training in hygiene conducted by the STARS. Before participating in this training I didn’t know about hygiene especially issues related to women’s health. I was feeling very embarrassed to talk about my health problems to others even I could not tell my Mother. As I felt ashamed while the course instructor illustrated women’s period topic and ways to prevent its health risks of it since I didn’t know most of it or at least had not talked about. Before the training, I did not know much about virginity and in my perception talking about virginity was embarrassing and a big taboo. However, as the instructor explained that there no shame to talk about virginity in Islam and sharia; I feel less shameful to discuss virginity and relevant issues. As a result of the literacy practices of the course, has gradually improved my reading and writing, therefore I enthusiastically pursue this course.

Hewadwal Camp, Kabul, Afghanistan