Message from the BoT Member

The past few years have been years of both development and conflicts which I strongly believe will define the future direction of our work in Afghanistan. While keeping the focus on our core work at the grassroots for aged people and marginalized women and children, during these years we took initial steps towards transforming STARS into a Knowledge Organization by promoting a culture of learning within the organization. This in essence meant realigning ourselves to be more thoughtful and methodical about our work and constantly evaluate ourselves to improve the work we are doing. Closely linked to our ambition of becoming a women’s grassroots-led organization is our continuous effort to improve programming capacities so that we are able to make a lasting impact in the lives of the vulnerable and most marginalized communities, especially marginalized women and girls. To this end, we have adopted the Strategic plan to contextualize current realities and respond by using impactful and innovative strategies. We have also started working towards bridging unequal power relations by implementing gender-sensitive programs. Through the use of innovative approaches and hard work, we are proud to report that in this fiscal year we were able to reach more than 500 people across our programs and projects in provinces of Afghanistan. This has been possible because of the support of donors, the government, and communities. I take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting us. In the coming years we are determined to further increase our reach and impact, and deepen our efforts in becoming an organization that builds on rural communities to promote action for the empowerment of women and girls from marginalized communities. With stronger partnerships and your support, I am sure we will continue to move towards achieving our mission.

Latifa Majidi