Name:         Sha Babo

F/N:             Zazai

Village:      Nahri-e-Karim

District:    Qarghiee

Province: Laghman

There was a family who was living in returnee’s camp, Sha bobo s/o Zazai was the only responsible woman for bringing food for her children through begging in the local bazar and village’s and streets. She said I could not access to basic need, I can find and get only bread through begging, but no any other things like (fruit, oil, potatoes, milk, been or any others) for our daily consuming, she said” I am living in one old tent, with my children and they are played in the floor without any blanket and carpet and my children are becoming sick very soon, I cannot to prevent the sickness and keep my children away from diseases, she did not had access to basic living facilities and there is no available enough food and proper place for living.