Strategic Management is all about identification and description of the strategies that management can carry so as to achieve better performance and a competitive advantage for their organization.

Skills Training and Rehabilitations Society (STARS) developed its current strategy in 2012, with CoAR and OSDR as a member of the CEN network. That strategic documents define strategy for the network as a whole and for the individual member organization as well. It was a good experience and practice to have a network strategy and individual member strategy in one document, however, the environmental and organizational changes in past five years have demanded the network members to have their own detail strategy to enable them to achieve effective concrete results.

The rapid changes in the Afghanistan’s socio-political environment require CSOs to have an effective and efficient monitoring system to identify the available opportunities and threats in the prevailing situation.

As STARS, is mainly providing the rehabilitation and empowerment services for women and children deprived from basic needs of health, education, Skills training, freedom of choices and employment and the Afghanistan’s environment for women and children is changing day by day, therefore, it is necessary for the organizations working for the women’s and children’s rights to have close eye on the changing context in order to provide better services to the needy people.

Management of STARS recognize that the Afghanistan environment is changing day by day and requires CSOs to think ahead of the changing circumstances and plan accordingly. This strategic planning document is the documentary evidence of the management’s commitment to the changing environment and its effect on the organization and its services for beneficiaries.

This plan has been developed with the valuable efforts of the STARS’s management, Directors, Board of Trustees and staff. In order to make it effective and practical for the organization, BOT will review the plan on annual basis, will identify the slips from the plan and will suggest the corrective measure, which may include the partial revision of this plan.