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November 2018

Case study : Ruqia D/o Ghulam Muhammad

Name : Ruqia Father Name :  Ghulam Muhammad Village : Warseel Province : Daikundi My name is Ruqia and I live in Warseel village of Miramoor district. My mother died when I was a little girl and my father died three years ago. I have one brother

Case Study : Mohmina D/o Shah Mir Hassan

Name : Momina Father Name : Shah Mir Hassan Village : Jawz-e-Bargar Province : Daikundi My name is Mohmina and I live in Jawz-e-Bargar village of Miramoor district. I belong to a very poor and vulnerable family. My husband is old and disabled and I

October 2018

Case Study: Hafeeza

Name : Hafeeza Age : 25 Village : Feroz Koh Province : Ghor Hafeeza a 25 years old girl was living with family in Feroz Koh village of Ghor province. Hafeeza is unmarried and had a poor state of health. She was suffering from renal

Case Study : Gul Hawa

Name:         Gul Hawa Village:     Said-Abad Province: Ghor Case Study: Gul Hawas, 32 Gul Hawas a 32 years old widow, who is responsible to feed a family of 10 is habitat of Said-Abad village Ghor province. She was married at the age

August 2018

Sha Babo

Name:         Sha Babo F/N:             Zazai Village:      Nahri-e-Karim District:    Qarghiee Province: Laghman There was a family who was living in returnee’s camp, Sha bobo s/o Zazai was the only responsible woman for bringing food for her

Nazir Gul

Name:        Nazir Gul F/N:             Hakim Jan Village:      Nahri-e-Karim District:     Qarghiee Province:  Laghman The interesting story we can described, sometime ago in the camp a woman was sick on childbirth during the mid-night and her husband was

Sultan Khel

Name:         Sultan Khel F/N:             Nik Mohammad Village:       Nahri-e-Karim District:      Qarghiee Province:   Laghman. One of the returnee named Mr. Sultan Khel said: when I saw my son in a disappointing situation, I got out-of-mind and now, I


Hajarah the daughter of Abdullah, a 20 years old woman who didn’t know about the personal hygiene and sanitation and its advantages for her health. She stated:  I and my family members were not used to wash our teeth and use tooth paste cream to clean our teeth, we also


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