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August 2018

Sha Babo

Name:         Sha Babo F/N:             Zazai Village:      Nahri-e-Karim District:    Qarghiee Province: Laghman There was a family who was living in returnee’s camp, Sha bobo s/o Zazai was the only responsible woman for bringing food for her

Nazir Gul

Name:        Nazir Gul F/N:             Hakim Jan Village:      Nahri-e-Karim District:     Qarghiee Province:  Laghman The interesting story we can described, sometime ago in the camp a woman was sick on childbirth during the mid-night and her husband was

Sultan Khel

Name:         Sultan Khel F/N:             Nik Mohammad Village:       Nahri-e-Karim District:      Qarghiee Province:   Laghman. One of the returnee named Mr. Sultan Khel said: when I saw my son in a disappointing situation, I got out-of-mind and now, I


Hajarah the daughter of Abdullah, a 20 years old woman who didn’t know about the personal hygiene and sanitation and its advantages for her health. She stated:  I and my family members were not used to wash our teeth and use tooth paste cream to clean our teeth, we also


Maryam is 22 years old from Jam village of Cheghcheran, a beneficiary of the hygiene course who has graduated from school. She is living in a village which is for from the city, she is home girl and works at home. Maryam says before this seasonal training I was unable


Zarghona after two years: Zarghona is living in the capital of laghman province in Nanakzy village. When I met her, two years ago in his home. Unfortunately, we sow whimsical picture from her house. She was elder of his home in the hard situation, and she was living with her

Zaitoon’s Economics Situation

Zaitoon living in Najaran village of Qarghayee district in Laghman province. We asked about here economic situation of last year life. She said about her family economic situation, we have 3 Jereeb Agricultural land and we planted tomato, Zaitoon afraid for selling, because the price of tomatoes during harvesting very

Mrs. Anar Gula

Mrs. Anar Gula says as, I am Anar Gula, daughter of Dilbar khan residence of Treenkot capital of Urozgan province, district Surkhab. When I was married to Mohammad Kabir, the district was ruled by government opposition (Taliban), and my husband was also one of village leader in the district. As


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