Name:         Sultan Khel

F/N:             Nik Mohammad

Village:       Nahri-e-Karim

District:      Qarghiee

Province:   Laghman.

One of the returnee named Mr. Sultan Khel said: when I saw my son in a disappointing situation, I got out-of-mind and now, I am psychologically abnormal.

Ramin was lost his feet in a vehicle accident in Jalal Abad road, defending when he was traveling for working there, suddenly the accident was occurred.

We have lost the only way of feeding for our family and consequently we started to become poor and poorer day by day. Few months ago, while we were disappointed form the government, relatives and friends. In these days full-of-hardship for my family, we did not received any things.

When a field workers of STARS came to our camp, promised with us to provided us some NFI kits, We are expecting STARS to help with us, this is a good news for us if STARS could support the poor people in these returnees camps, because we don’t have any income sources to support our families, we are wishful to have better life in the future. Finally we received the NFIs from STARS, we no need for NFI anymore, but we need for food and shelter