Zaitoon living in Najaran village of Qarghayee district in Laghman province. We asked about here economic situation of last year life. She said about her family economic situation, we have 3 Jereeb Agricultural land and we planted tomato, Zaitoon afraid for selling, because the price of tomatoes during harvesting very low and there is risk of tomatoes rot. Therefore we force to sale our product by lowest price be for rotting our product. Because we did not have standard refrigerator to store for some time.

Zaitoon was one of women which she has attended eight months in technical skills training course, Zaitoon interested agricultural product and process lessons. She was active student some time she asked important questions from her teachers. When ended processing lessons she promise to make tomatoes past. Finally she prepared and cooking tomatoes paste for learning of classmates in the class.

In the current year I went to Zaitoon home I asked and got some information about her family economic situation. She started her story as below. She looked very happy, I seen Happiness’s symptoms in her face. She said this is STARS support to we learned every kind skill, we cannot not feel to get every things in short time by low cost.

When we calculate our tomatoes harvest and product after transportation by donkey, we used the STARS trainers Instructions and we make and prepare tomatoes past in our home by himself. After packing of tomato paste in glass I transition our tomatoes paste to Char Bagh Bazar in Qarghayee district for sales by my son. He sold it in short time, while the market demands were more. The bigger salesmen always wants to prepare home tomatoes paste again and they said the local tomatoes paste are has very good quality this is delicious and the sales of it very biggest then imported tomatoes paste because this paste is prepared highly quality. I am happy from my Allah and the training session give us the chance and we build our capacity so because of our products are not rot in current year and we could sale by highly price.

When we did this work the other women also learned tomatoes paste cooking and preparing in home and they were busy with me, and also funded work to my son in bazar to sale tomatoes paste in Bazar and support our family economics situation better. In the last years we got 100000 one hundred Afs from our agricultural products from 3 Jereeb agricultural land, now we sold 180000 Afs our products. I out very happy from Zitoon house.

I am happy from the women organization for learning better and change my life and economic situation.