Zarghona after two years:

Zarghona is living in the capital of laghman province in Nanakzy village. When I met her, two years ago in his home. Unfortunately, we sow whimsical picture from her house. She was elder of his home in the hard situation, and she was living with her children together in one room.

Both in summer and winter they were lived in one room, beside of living they put all their equipment’s in the room as well.

Impact of Malnutrition and poverty state clearly was on her face, when I saw this situation incontinency tears comes out of eyes.

Zarghona were female head of nine person and she had responsibilities at all on her shoulders, she looked very disappointed with her life.

Zarghona has been registered for the eight months skill trainings which were conducted by (STARS) organization, and she was very keen and active during the lesions. Making groups of small challenging fund, she led the group of ten members. She made proposal by the coordination of group members to (STARS) which she proposed cows for the small dairy farm. The proposal which was made by Zarghona group after M&E committee reviewing the proposal was selected and acceptable through committee, According to the proposal, the women group was eligible for livestock to receive cow for the group.

But the bad situation of this family was right in front of my eyes every time. After two years when I find Zarghona, she looked at me with a smile and happiness; I saw some positive changes in her life, I were not able to control my happiness because I saw Zarghona two years ago in very poor situation of life, but now everything become changed there were a lot of happiness smile on her face. I asked her sister please, tell me about your story, what just happened in these two years.

My son! God wants two blind eyes

I remember when my children were eating bread with green tea, now it’s replaced with milk and yoghurt. And when there is no need of extra milk in home my son held it for sale and brings solvent bread.

By the help and corporation of (STARS) organization, my children regularly start school, we are going to clinic when become ill, arrangement of house, storage of animal product, knowledge about agriculture process and product, I appreciating (STARS) organization, for growth and usage of those.

We left Zarghona home very proudly with outer partners, and I feel so much proud and happy that I am working with organization that helped needy and powering the most needy people to stable their economic situation and finding some works for them to carry better life.

I am appreciating STARS for implementing project like that, and thanks from who has supporting and making place in the heart of people